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logo ltcPT LION MENTARI AIR is an Indonesian private aviation company, which was founded in 2000. The company operates domestic and regional scheduled air transport for public. Lion Mentari Air is headquartered at Lion Air Tower in Central Jakarta, Indonesia. The company operates domestic and regional scheduled air transport for public, including on all high-volume routes. The company will be flying extensively throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

As one of the national airlines in Indonesia, PT LION MENTARI AIR has a strong commitment to the development of air transportation. In anticipating rapidly development of air transportation, the company which dominates position in domestic market shares is meeting the challenge to provide skilled employees in order to support development of company flight safety and to lift professional standards. This requires training facilities. That is why, company develops TRAINING FACILITIES, and it operates under the COA NO. TCC/142/008 for operations and other training under that approval. The Certificates grant authority to the Company under the terms of the Indonesian Civil Aviation Safety Regulations (CASR), Parts 142, to operate as an APPROVED AVIATION TRAINING CENTER ORGANIZATION. All work performed by LTC meets the requirements of the Indonesian DGCA and, if necessary, other regulatory bodies in terms of its training capabilities.

Authorization of second site training is allowed providing the reference is recorded of facility, training expertise and location. The limitation and procedures to enable authorization will be included in this manual.

PT LION MENTARI AIR training facilities are located at Lion Tower Jakarta for classical training. MD-80 series simulator training is conducted at Halim Perdana Kusuma Airport [HLP] Jakarta and for Boeing B737NG is conducted at Bandara Mas (Lion Air Village) at Soekarno-Hatta Airport (CGK) Jakarta.

The LTC, as one of the division within company organization, is responsible for the training company personnel (crews, technician and management) to support the operation of the current fleet. The training is devised to ensure efficient operation and maintenance designed to maximize aircraft availability and reduce operating costs.

This training facility currently provides accommodation for 160 students. It is also equipped with a range of advanced equipment, classroom facilities and using modern teaching techniques to ensure high levels of quality and efficiency through all phases of training. The flight simulator area offers cockpit procedural training in Boeing MD-80 series. Since installation of the simulators, pilots from other airlines also have taken advantage of the facilities. CBT facilities are available as well at HLP and Lion Air Tower. Plans for expansion include acquisition of more simulators, cabin mock-ups, evacuation slides and other most effective means. For training on aircraft not yet represented in the training capabilities, the LTC sends crews to other parties.

The LTC also includes administrative offices and library that support training of the company employees. Massive global and domestic demand for air transportation has inspired great changes in aviation technology, and in turn created new demands for skilled aviation manpower. Some of the technology changes being faced by Lion Mentari Air include the introduction of flight management systems, fly-by-wire technology, digital avionics, advances in electronics, glass cockpit, advanced navigational systems and the use of composite materials in aircraft construction.

The LTC staffs communicate directly with other department/divisions within the company on all matters concerning training required. Overall, the LTC staffs not only administer the courses and trainees, but also plan and forecast the future demand for training courses.

The cores of this centre are instructors. The instructors are group in couple of disciplines: simulators, cabins, commercial, general, English, aircraft systems, avionics, aircraft power plants, etc. The instructors are responsible for teaching students at LTC Jakarta or at either outside the centre.

The LTC co-operates with other institutions to develop the ICAO curriculum to enable it to cope with rapid changes in aviation technology and assists company in achieving its prime aim ensuring that company attain optimal aircraft availability in the safest and most economical way.

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